Our Felted Soap

pure natural handmade felted merino and alpaca soaps

Felted soap is a fun way to clean yourself and eliminates the need for a washcloth. The fibre makes it easier to hold onto your bar for arthritic fingers or children’s tiny hands and helps your bar last longer than unfelted soap. As you use the soap, the felt continues to shrink and may split, which will allow the soap to lather even more.

Felted soaps come in natural shades of alpaca or coloured merino. They are fine, hard well cured bars and will last a long time if you allow them to air dry between uses on a soap deck or dry wash cloth. They make a great gift, are easy to carry to the gym or to take camping, etc. The soap will not collect mould, mildew or bacteria making it more sanitary.

Our felted soaps come in Alpaca Coats or Woolly Jumpers (Merino)